The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah

About the location

This is the biggest land reclamation project on earth, a giant archipelago designed in the shape of a palm tree whose fourteen fronds are fringed with beach-side houses and villas. The spinal ‘trunk’ has apartment buildings, shops, hotels, marinas, spas and its very own monorail. To build the Palm some five million boulders were loaded onto giant barges and sunk to form an artificial island surrounded by an eleven kilometre breakwater rising two metres out of the sea. No concrete, no steel, just rocks and sand were used to create this engineering masterpiece. It has been said that if the rocks had been used to build a two metre high wall, that wall could wrap around the world twice over.

Key Highlights

– Offers a resort lifestyle, with beaches, restaurants, cafes, and some of the world’s best hotels on your doorstep
– Direct beach access and the outdoor fitness facilities, running tracks, promenade with restaurants and beach clubs
– Home to a wide collection of beachfront apartments, villas and the iconic hotel resort, Atlantis The Palm
– The largest man-made island in the world

Properties in The Palm Jumeirah


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